• Liquid Glass Polish / Finish 16 oz.

Liquid Glass Ultimate Auto Polish

The ultimate in shine, durability, and protection.

Liquid Glass Auto Polish makes it possible to coat your vehicle with a clear, hard, smooth, and mirror-like finish with a minimum of effort. It contains no wax, oil, grease, acrylic or Teflon. It’s key ingredient is crystal clear carbon, the same element found in diamonds. Once air cured, the Liquid Glass finish is as hard as glass and will never crack, chip, peel, or yellow, and is safe for use on today’s clearcoat finishes, as well as other non-porous surfaces, including all painted surfaces, brass, aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, and glass. Provides excellent protection against acid rain, tar, sap, rust, road salt, corrosion, dulling, bird droppings, bugs, tree branch scratches, and just about anything else nature can throw at your vehicle. Plus, it retards oxidation of painted metal and fiberglass. Use Liquid Glass on your cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and around your home. For best results, use of Liquid Glass Pre-Cleaner is recommended.

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Liquid Glass Polish / Finish 16 oz.

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